Types of incontinence products: Get to know the difference

Types of incontinence products: Get to know the difference

“Why are there so many different types of incontinence products? It gets confusing!”  – A.J., San Diego, CA

Dear A.J.,

The world of absorbent products to help with bladder and bowel incontinence provides many options and it can almost seem that there are too many options!

There are a few basic product categories, then many products within each. Lucky for you, at HDIS we learn about the products in tremendous detail and are here to share that knowledge with you!

Briefs: Adult incontinence briefs are designed for maximum absorbency and sometimes called adult diapers. They fasten securely with tape tabs and provide the greatest protection. They are perfect for caregivers to fit on a loved one.

Protective Underwear (Pull-Ons): Pull on and off like regular underwear, providing greater comfort, convenience and a discreet appearance.

Pads and Liners: Secured in your regular underwear with an adhesive strip. Pads are available in many absorbencies – from very light to very heavy.

Overnight Protection: This category may include pads, protective underwear and briefs and these products provide coverage for heavy flow or frequent voids to get you through the night.

Booster Pads: Similar to pads, but without a waterproof backing. Booster Pads add absorbency to your primary product.

Incontinence Products Just for Men: HDIS offers a line of products designed just for men that will provide security for light to moderate leakage.

Remember, we are here to help you through the product selection process. Use our expertise and allow us help you find what works for you! Please call us at 1-800-2MY-HOME® (1-800-269-4663).



PS.  If you would like to view example images of the types of incontinence products, please visit our Patient Information page.