Why Health Information Management is Important

Why Health Information Management is Important

The MyID Hive Medical ID Bracelet Makes Health Information Management EASY!

Dear Friends,

Managing your health information – not only your medications – is a very important, ongoing task.

Many of us have several doctors we see for different troubles. Managing the information to keep everyone looking out for your best health is critical.  You are your best health care advocate.

I’ve always kept a little book, sort of a journal, of my medical visits where I note significant changes to my treatments and medications. I keep the book in my purse so I always have it handy and I don’t forget it at home!

At HDIS we recently started offering a product called MyID Hive Medical ID Bracelet. It’s pretty neat. After purchasing the bracelet, the user can open an account and provide MyID with vital health information that is then accessible by a physician or emergency responder.  Even if you are unable to speak, the responder can learn about any conditions, medications or allergies that could affect your care.

It’s like my little book, only better! A first responder probably wouldn’t be able to find my book if I were unable to locate it myself!

I hope you consider keeping notes, electronic or on paper, to help keep your medical information in order. It truly can make communicating with your doctors easier and keep everyone involved up-to-date on your health.

If you’d like more information on MyID or other tools and tips on managing your health information, please don’t hesitate to call me at 1-800-2MY-HOME® (1-800-269-4663)!