HDIS® and Reassure® Partner with Youth Rally to Help Adolescents!

HDIS® and Reassure® Partner with Youth Rally to Help Adolescents!

You are not alone…Living Independently for Tomorrow

This the mantra that the Youth Rally team lives by and here at HDIS we also work to make a difference every day in the lives of each customer by providing award winning service and premium products such as our Reassure® line.

So, this July, teenagers and youth from around the nation will gather for a memorable and life transforming experience.  The Youth Rally is a 5-night camp experience which was created to provide an environment for adolescents living with conditions of the bowel and bladder that encourages self-confidence and independent living.

For the past two years, HDIS® and Reassure® have had the privilege of providing the Camp’s Nursing team with incontinence supplies for their campers.  Reassure® underpads, absorbent products, and personal care items help the campers to enjoy all activities to their fullest!

In addition to recreational programming, the Youth Rally provides educational sessions addressing topics that are common among all adolescents as well as those unique to individuals living with medical and/or physical challenges.

For more information about the Youth Rally, please visit http://www.youthrally.org/

For more information about HDIS, please visit our About Us page.

Try our Reassure®  products if your youth is in need of a more effective solution for their incontinence needs or visit our store for a free product catalog.  For private, expert help, call and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable counselors at 1-800-2MY-HOME® (1-800-269-4663).