WOCN Product Recommendation: Adult Booster Pads

WOCN Product Recommendation: Adult Booster Pads

Let’s Talk Booster Pads!

New Research featured at the WOCN 2018 Annual Conference

This year, the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCN) Society created a task force to develop recommendations regarding body-worn absorbent products. The task force was supported by a scoping literature review to identify recommendations that qualify as evidence-based.

Consensus based statements were then validated using a modified Delphi technique with a different panel of clinicians with expertise in this area of care.

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™

One of the topics which created the most buzz at the conference was adult Booster Pads. The WOCN has put forth two evidence-based statements regarding Booster Pads:

  1. “In men or women with moderate/heavy urinary incontinence, when briefs, pull-ups or under pads provide inadequate containment, consider addition of a booster product.”

Panelists opined that selective use of adult booster pads may provide an opportunity for the patient to experience a longer interval of product use than when the booster pad is not used. As a result, they provide better containment for high-volume urinary incontinence (UI) that may be used to decrease disruptions in sleep or preserve dignity during social activities.

  1. “To minimize sleep interruption in the user and to maximize containment in individuals with high-volume urine output, consider use of a booster pad as an adjunct to an absorptive brief or pull-up.”

Many individuals with heavy/moderate UI are not amenable to be awakened during the night for a change of product, especially if fecal incontinence has not occurred. Panelists noted that a booster pad may effectively contain urine or stool and provide an opportunity for these individuals to experience fewer interruptions of sleep, resulting in multiple health benefits.

In summary, recommending adult booster pads for your patients with heavy urinary incontinence can have multiple benefits for the patient.

Patients can go longer between required changes, while also keeping moisture away from the skin which is necessary to prevent Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD). In addition, using a booster pad for nocturnal incontinence can also help your patients to experience a higher quality of sleep and rest – which in turn has many health benefits.

Source: Gray, Mikel; Kent, Dea; Ermer-Seltun, JoAnn; McNichol, Laurie; “Assessment, Selection, Use, and Evaluation of Body-Worn Absorbent Products for Adults With Incontinence: A WOCN Society Consensus Conference” in Journal of WOCN – May 2018.

What are Booster Pads?

How to Use Booster Pads with Your Primary Absorbent Garment:

BOOSTER PADS are placed inside another absorbent product to maximize absorbency. If you use an ordinary pad with briefs or protective underwear, the plastic, waterproof lining on the underside of the pad causes leakage.

Booster Pads are specially designed without that barrier so that they can fill up to capacity and then transfer the moisture to the next layer! You can even use more than one booster pad at a time to dramatically increase overall absorbency. Latex-free.

Booster Pad Instructions
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