Feeding Better Sleep

Feeding Better Sleep

Foods and drinks that can help sound sleep.

Dairy Products – If you remember the old folk remedy about drinking warm milk before bed, it’s time to revisit the idea. Calcium deprivation can lead to disruptive sleep, so be sure to drink milk, and eat yogurt or cheese daily to ensure that you are taking in enough calcium.

Bananas contain potassium and magnesium thathelp relax muscles and nerves and promote healthy circulation. All good thingsbefore lying down at night.

Fish that is high in omega-3s and vitaminB-6, help your body produce the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. These nutrients can also reduce stress hormones. Plan to have this lowfat, high-proteinfood for dinner a couple of nights per week.

Tart Cherry Juice is another natural source of melatonin. If tart cherry juice isn’t available in your area, try dried cherries.

SweetPotatoes are likebananas in that they contain high doses of potassium to help your musclesrelax. Regular baked potatoes with the skins are also a great potassium source.

Almonds contain magnesium and can help ease you into a better night’s sleep. They also provide protein, which can help you maintain a stable blood sugar level while you’re sleeping.

Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans area good source of vitamin B-6, which your body uses to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a great stress reliever and it helps produce melatonin, your body’s main sleep hormone. Add garbanzo beans to your salad or soup at dinner when possible.

Eggs are a high-protein snack that can help keep your blood sugar levels stable so you can sleep through the night.

Herbal and decaffeinated warm tea may encourage drowsiness. Green tea contains theanine, which may promote sleep. Chamomile teas are said to be relaxing and you can even find “sleep” tea blends.

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