Incontinence Care: How to Relieve Skin Redness & Inflammation

Incontinence Care: How to Relieve Skin Redness & Inflammation

Skin irritation from incontinence is also referred to as Incontinence-Associate Dermatitis which is caused by the prolonged exposure to the bacteria in urine or stool and can result in painful symptoms such as burning or itching.

Symptoms of Incontinence-Associate Dermatitis include:

  • redness, ranging from light pink to dark red, depending on skin tone
  • patches of inflammation or a large, continuous area of inflammation
  • warm and firm skin
  • lesions
  • pain or tenderness
  • burning
  • itching

Tender, dry skin can break down rapidly, particularly when moisture is present, and can be very challenging.  Your first and best defense is to use highly absorbent products that are made for bladder control. These products are made to absorb urine and work to quickly pull liquid away from your skin.

Next, be sure to change the product frequently and definitely after each significant void. When cleaning the area, use mild soap or the Bedside Care Perineal Wash, rinse well and blot the skin dry. Try not to rub! Instead, blot the moisture away and be sure the area is thoroughly dry which is critical to keeping skin healthy!

Last, if skin irritation persists, you can apply an ointment or cream such as Calmoseptine Ointment or Baza Antifungal Cream that is specifically designed to be a barrier against moisture.

Recommended Incontinence Care Products to Help Reduce Redness and Inflammation

Bedside Care Perineal Wash™ is a no-rinse incontinence cleanser with anti-odor ingredients and no dyes or fragrances.

Bedside Care Perineal Wash

Calmoseptine® Ointment is a multi-purpose moisture barrier ointment that protects, soothes and helps promote healing for skin irritations from bladder and bowel incontinence, minor burns, scrapes, diaper rash and moisture.

Calmoseptine Ointment

Baza® Antifungal Cream provides a protective barrier that inhibits the growth and reproduction of fungal cells.

Baza Antifungal Cream

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The InfoPro Product Selection Guide

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