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We’re Here to Help Professionals Who Care for Patients With Incontinence

Our unique Product Education Kit is designed to help you better communicate with your patients by providing:

  1. Non-sterile product samples to display and demonstrate the wide variety of incontinence management products available.  Each sample is conveniently labeled with the brand name and description.
  2. Patient education materials to hand out.  In friendly, layman’s terms, these materials will help patients better understand their incontinence and encourage them to partner with you in the management and improvement of their conditions.  The materials include:
Brochures (7)

Layman’s Guide to Incontinence

Management Techniques for Incontinence

Pelvic Muscle Exercise

Urinary Incontinence In Men

Multiple Sclerosis and Incontinence

Caregivers Resource Guide

HDIS and You – Managing Incontinence

FREE Sample Request Cards (1 pack)

A discreet, postage-paid way for patients to obtain custom samples.

Posters (2)

How Urination Occurs

Guide to Managing Incontinence

Hang these posters in a waiting room or treatment area to describe in frank, non-intimidating terms, the physiology of the pelvic floor muscle and how to select appropriate products to manage incontinence.

  1. Product Catalog and Coupons.  Our catalog contains easy-to-read descriptions and full-color photos of products in our large inventory.  Plus, included with each catalog is our Savings Spectacular coupon supplement.  Not only do your patients get the widest variety, but they’ll also enjoy affordable pricing.

Account Management Services

Call one of our friendly, knowledgeable HDIS Account Managers.  Our specialized team works closely with you to provide your clients a complete solution.

Our goal is to be the first and last call to coordinate incontinence, skin care, gloves, wipes and nutritional products.

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As a caregiver, HDIS has certainly made my job so much easier. I cannot emphasize enough, what a pleasure it is talking to an educated staff of dedicated professionals -- S.D., North Dakota
I can call HDIS anytime and not be nervous. Your people are so helpful, so understanding and warm - an they send my order right out! I wish I could find words to tell you how much I love you all! -- J.P., New York
Thank you very much for all the help you have given us…figuring out how to meet my dad’s needs, the sample products, the coupons…these are just some of the ways you reduced the hassles in our lives. Most of all, thank you for the friendly voice on the line. -- C.S., Michigan